Metalcore band Hollow Front shared a new anime-style video for their songFalling Apart.” The new cut features Fit For A King’s Ryan Kirby and acts as the band’s commentary on modern society.

The black-and-white music video shows what happens when humanity greedily destroys the world. It depicts those on top thriving on the rest of the world’s pain and suffering.

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Hollow Front vocalist Tyler Tate says the song is about the bleakness of life, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s become impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you’re constantly surrounded by the negativity our world has been seemingly plagued with," Tate says.

The title “Falling Apart” references how our society is dividing the world. 

“The fabric of humanity is falling apart, ravaged by greed, disease and an utter lack of empathy for our fellow man,” Tate says. “We’re a complicated species, with all the capabilities to create a peaceful and harmonious world, but instead we use our powers to destroy and divide.”

Kirby has been managing Hollow Front for over two years, and their sound is heavily inspired by his band. So, having Kirby guest feature on the re-release of “Falling Apart” was a full-circle moment for Hollow Front.

“Having him hop on ‘Falling Apart’ to guest feature for this re-release of the song was a real treat for us,” Tate says. “We couldn’t be more proud to have someone like Ryan in our corner.”

Hollow Front released their debut LP, Loose Threads, last summer and signed with UNFD in late 2020. They joined a roster of impressive acts, including Frank Iero, Silverstein, Hands Like Houses, Tonight Alive and Northlane, among others.

The music video comes as the band reissue Loose Threads, making it available on vinyl for the first time. Two new cuts, “Wearing Thin” and “Loose Threads (Reimagined),” have been added to the tracklist. The “Falling Apart” video also follows the release of the “Wearing Thin” and “Loose Threads (Reimagined)” music videos.

Limited copies of the Loose Threads reissue are available here, and you can watch the cinematic “Falling Apart” video below.

Loose Threads vinyl reissue tracklist:

“Loose Threads”
“Left Behind”
“Wishful Thinking”

“Falling Apart” (feat. Ryan Kirby)
“The Itch”
“Wearing Thin”
“Loose Threads (Reimagined)”