In celebration of 25 years in business, Hopeless Records’ founder Louis Posen reflects on the label’s most successful records, both in commodity and mainstay.

In a feature with Noisey, Posen talks about how All Time Low’s Future Hearts is the label’s best release of all time. While no All time Low record has sold as many copies as Avenged Sevenfold’s Waking The Fallen, Posen says “Dear Maria, Count Me In” from So Wrong, It’s Right is Hopeless’ best selling song.

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Posen adds that both So Wrong, It’s Right and Nothing Personal have both gone gold in the US. However, “Dear Maria, Count Me In” is certified platinum.

So Wrong, It’s Right has “Dear Maria” and that’s our best selling song and is platinum in the US,” Posen says. “The reason I picked Future Hearts is that it’s our only record to debut at number one in the US and UK.”

Listen to “Dear Maria, Count Me In” below.

Posen then cites Neck Deep’s The Peace And The Panic and the Wonder YearsSuburbia I’ve Given You All And Now I’m Nothing as other notable pop-punk releases. Releases from Thrice, Yellowcard, Dillinger Four, Mustard Plug and Guttermouth also top the label’s list.

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Additionally, Posen reflects on Warped Tour’s influence on the label.

“It’s a sad time because it was such a huge part of our genre, our community, and it was a big part of how we released records,” Posen says. “We planned our release schedule around Warped Tour every year and which bands were going on it. So on that side of it, it’s going to be a change and difficult. On the other side, whenever a door closes a new one opens up.”

Additionally, Posen touches on how he thinks Warped Tour’s “end” will affect Hopeless moving forward. Overall, he says that the change will cause more individual tours, as there will be no large branded tours, such as Warped, to work around — At least for now.

“It’s definitely sad for me because I grew up on Warped Tour, this company grew up on Warped Tour,” Posen says. “I remember being at the very first one. It took ten years to be able to get a band on, but I finally convinced Kevin [Lyman]. After that, we became close friends and our bands have been on it every year since then.”

What is your favorite release from Hopeless Records? Let us know in the comments below.

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