Horror movie fans are going to want to check out this auction where they can acquire memorabilia from films like A Nightmare On Elm Street, Child’s Play, The Shining and more. 

Los Angeles auction house Profiles In History is curating the event  called “The Icons & Legends of Hollywood” that takes place this Wednesday and Thursday. They will be auctioning off more than 900 items. 

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The auction house recently spoke with The Boo Crew podcast about the specific items that will be for sale. The items shown during the show include a stunt axe used by Jack Nicholson in the iconic scene in The Shining and a Good Guys doll from Child’s Play. They also showed a chainsaw from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 and a Freddie Kruger sweater. You can see the video featuring some of the items below. 

The auction will start Wednesday 11 a.m. PDT and close Thursday at the same time. You can register to bid here and see the full list of items, which expands outside of just horror films. Other horror films with items included are the Evil Dead franchise, Jaws, Hellraiser, Ghostbusters and more. 

You can see the scene from The Shining that features Nickolson and the axe below. 

Speaking of horror movies, AMC FearFest recently announced the lineup for its 23rd annual horror movie marathon that will make everyone feel ready for Halloween.  

There are more than 100 films included total this year in the 19 days of the festival. Those films include classics such as Halloween, Friday the 13th, Annabelle and more making the cut. 

The terrifying fun starts Sunday, Oct. 13. However, fans can begin streaming titles starting Oct. 1st. You can see the full list of movies that will be available via streaming on that date here

This list concludes that we will be having a lot of movie nights next month. 

Many of the previously-mentioned films will be airing during the FearFest event this year, but the schedule has yet to be revealed. You can stay up to date and when the films will air this year here

What do you think of this amazing horror movie auction? Sound off in the comments down below and let us know!

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