Scream debuted two decades ago, perfectly blending scares with dark comedic relief. The protagonists worked to evade and outsmart Ghostface, but not all of them followed “the rules.”

About halfway through the film, the resident horror movie buff reveals the rules in how to survive a horror film. With Ghostface returning to the small screen on Scream: Resurrection tonight, it had us wondering: Could you? Find out below.

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More on Scream

If you’re a fan of the classic ’90s slasher film Scream, well, you’re in luck. Diehard fans will remember the iconic house from the end of the Wes Craven-directed film, but now, they’ll be offered the opportunity to spend a night in that house.

The film was the highest grossing slasher film of all time until 2018’s Halloween remake stole that spot. That’s to say the film is huge for horror movie fans.

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If you remember the legendary scene from the end of the horror movie, you know the house we’re talking about. Now you can get the experience of a lifetime by spending this Halloween partying in that house.

The ‘Screamoween’ event is being held this October 31 with fans being invited to spend the night in Santa Rosa, California. Attendees will get to enjoy a costume party, food and drinks, movie screenings, giveaways and a whole lot more.

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This beautiful mansion was used in the last act of the movie, SCREAM, which took 3 weeks to film, and the brilliantly directed and acted scenes that were filmed here carved their way into horror infamy! C’mon, everyone has seen SCREAM!” the event description reads.

Don’t wait… only 150 people can attend this private bash at the famous house! Your tickets grant rare all-night access to the 6,500 square-foot mansion used as the filming location for the last act of the movie, SCREAM, which is adjacent to beautiful Napa Valley wine country! Age 21 or older only!’

The party will go all night with tickets being very limited. If you’re interested in attending the Scream party, entrance will run you $199 which you can pick up here.