If you’re not ready to let Halloween go, then know you’re certainly not alone. While many enjoy the joy that comes from the holidays in the form of Starbucks cups, Black Friday sales and spending time with loved ones, not everyone is totally here for 24/7 cheer.

If this is you in a nutshell or you’re just a major horror fan regardless of the time of year, then Trick Or Treat Studios certainly has you covered with their latest product launch.

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Trick Or Treat Studio took to their Facebook page to tease a new line of horror villain-inspired ornaments.

“Sad Halloween is over?! Not ready for the Holidays? Well, maybe these bad boys will get you in the spirit! Trick or Treat Studios is proud to announce our Christmas Horror Ornaments! Decorate your holiday tree with your favorite Horror horror icons! Each sold separately, in a collectors box! Coming soon!”

The picture shows The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Leatherface, Halloween’s Michael Myers, Saw’s Billy The Puppet and Trick ‘r Treat’s Sam.

It doesn’t state whether or not these are the only four collectible ornaments they’ll be selling, so fingers crossed we see a Pennywise, too.

The Facebook post reveals the ornaments will be sold via their website, but a release date wasn’t given.

A big year for horror

Trick Or Treat Studios’ venture into selling horror-inspired ornaments makes sense given the recent surge in popularity of the genre. While everyone loves a good scare, it’s become pretty clear just how much with recent reboots of Halloween and It.

Halloween opened Oct. 18 and broke a box office record in its first weekend. Only costing $10 million to produce, it earned an estimated $77.5 million the first weekend, making it the second biggest October opening ever.

It fell just short of Tom Hardy’s superhero film Venom, which had a $80.2 million opening a few weeks ago.

That being said, the $77.5 million gross also gives Halloween the second biggest opening ever for a horror movie, falling only behind It. Halloween also had the tenth best opening for an R-rated movie of any genre.

Meanwhile, last September, It raked in $117.2 million in North America alone, making it the biggest opening for a horror movie. Two weeks later, it surpassed The Exorcist as the highest-grossing horror movie of all time.

The film’s success made a sequel a no-brainer as the studio announced the next chapter before the month’s end. We already got a glimpse at Pennywise’s next reign of terror, seen a teaser poster and know production is wrapped. Is it next September yet?

What do you think of the horror villain-inspired ornaments? Sound off in the comments below!