You’ve probably heard people blame things on Mercury retrograde in the past. If you’re into astrology, you know what’s up. However, for those who aren’t, here’s why Mercury going retrograde is just so antagonizing.

When planets go retrograde, they appear to be moving in reverse. What this means, astrologically, is that a planet in retrograde will follow suit, acting “in reverse.” Essentially, the retrograde planet will do the opposite of what it usually does. 

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Mercury is the planet of communication and technology. So, you can imagine why Mercury going retrograde can be difficult. It affects the way we communicate, sparking more fights and overall miscommunications. Technology tends to crash, relationships become strained and things can fall apart. It’s advised not to text an ex or make any big purchases or life decisions during Mercury retrograde, and maybe save the hard conversations until it’s passed. 

If Mercury retrograde affects our communication and technology, it also influences the music we listen to. You don’t want to play albums that will encourage you to fall deep into Mercury’s melodrama. If you’re wondering which records to avoid during Mercury retrograde according to your zodiac sign, we’ve got you covered. 

Aries (March 21 – April 20)

Album to avoid: Weezer (Blue Album) by Weezer

An Aries is an impulsive fire sign, so during Mercury retrograde, you’ll find them sliding into the DMs of their exes and throwing their cellphones at the wall when they stop working. Thus, an Aries needs an album that’s still enjoyable to dance to but encourages them to take life a little slower. In comes Weezer’s first self-titled record, aka the Blue Album. This album by Weezer packs a punch, keeping things fun while also delving into deeper issues. Aries should avoid this album because it could encourage them to joyfully text their exes, as the record focuses a lot on love and romance in a way Aries will relate to, perhaps too much.

Taurus (April 21 – May 21)

Album to avoid: Consider This EP by Tonight Alive

Tauruses are known for being incredibly stubborn. During Mercury retrograde, a Taurus is even more susceptible to that stubborn energy, often finding themselves in conflicts with others. Because of this, Tonight Alive’s Consider This EP is something a Taurus should avoid. This is because the scene EP fuels that inner angst through Tonight Alive’s punk energy and songs such as “Revenge And Its Thrills,” which Taurus needs to let go of to get through Mercury retrograde smoothly. 

Gemini (April 21 – May 21)

Album to avoid: A Lesson In Romantics by Mayday Parade

Geminis wake up every day a different person than they were the day before. Because of this, Mercury retrograde can send Geminis into an overwhelming state, making them behave in ways they never have. If your sun sign is in Gemini, you need to avoid any albums that encourage irrational behavior, such as A Lesson In Romantics by Mayday Parade. Why? Because records like this, which feature love ballads such as “Miserable At Best,” will encourage Geminis to text those exes or think too much about the past. It’s all about the present, and Geminis need to take Mercury retrograde one day at a time. 

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Album to avoid: The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance

Cancers are the most emotional of the zodiac. When Mercury is in retrograde, Cancers may find themselves in conflict with others. Their feelings will often be hurt. Thus, Cancers need to completely avoid any albums with morose undertones and focus on happier ones. That’s why The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance is probably the worst scene album a Cancer could play during Mercury retrograde because it’s filled with overwhelming sad songs, like, well, “Cancer.” 

Leo (July 23 – August 21)

Album to avoid: Scary Kids Scaring Kids by Scary Kids Scaring Kids

Leos are incredibly confident, creative people. During Mercury retrograde, Leos will find it hard to remain positive as their technology and communication fails. So, Leos must avoid anything that will make them sad at all costs, such as Scary Kids Scaring Kidsself-titled album. This scene album is full of sadness that will fill Leos up, releasing their own intense emotions. In order for Mercury retrograde to be a little less chaotic, Leos cannot listen to this album, especially songs such as Watch Me Bleed.” 

Virgo (August 22 – September 23)

Album to avoid: Underdog Alma Mater by Forever The Sickest Kids 

People who have sun signs in Virgo love everything to go according to plan. When Mercury retrograde is around, that hardly ever happens. That’s why Virgos need to avoid anything chaotic and focus on remaining calm during Mercury retrograde. With Underdog Alma Mater by Forever The Sickest Kids, Virgos will feel overwhelmed by songs such as Believe Me, I’m Lying because of its chaotic nature. Virgos need to take a deep breath, rather than giving in to the drama Mercury can bring. 

Libra (September 24 – October 23)

Album to avoid: Brand New Eyes by Paramore

Libras are the sign of balance and often find it in their power to always remain positive. During astrological events such as Mercury retrograde, Libras will begin to feel unstable and less positive. Brand New Eyes by Paramore must be avoided by Libras because of the raw, emotional ballads that tap into rather heavy topics. Libras should look on the bright side to push through Mercury retrograde. 

Scorpio (October 24 – November 22)

Album to avoid: Fallen by Evanescence 

Scorpios are deep, broody and introspective. However, Scorpios aren’t always known for their great communication skills, as they tend to bottle things up. Because Mercury retrograde indicates the planet doing the opposite of what it’s familiar with, Scorpios will find themselves suddenly feeling the urge to let it all out. So, Scorpios should avoid intensely emotional albums such as Fallen by Evanescence, as it could inspire them to spill everything to those around them without considering the aftermath. 

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 22)

Album to avoid: Infinity On High by Fall Out Boy

Like their fellow fire sign, Aries, Sagittarius is probably the most impulsive of the zodiac. Any albums that make you want to dance, and consequently run into the arms of your ex, is something a Sagittarius thrives on. During Mercury retrograde, with miscommunication on high, a Sagittarius should avoid albums such as Infinity On High by Fall Out Boy. “Thnks Fr Th Mmrs could inspire them to act on their impulses and immediately text someone they probably shouldn’t have. 

Capricorn (December 23 – January 20)

Album to avoid: So Wrong, It’s Right by All Time Low

Capricorns are organized and studious. In the age of technology, you’ll find Capricorns to be heavily ingrained in every organizational tech product out there. When Mercury is in retrograde, technology tends to be on the fritz, driving Capricorn insane. Albums such as So Wrong, It’s Right by All Time Low are a no go for Capricorn because they need something simple, calm and bright rather than bold and deep to keep them grounded when things begin to fall apart. 

Aquarius (January 21 – February 19)

Album to avoid: Bleed American by Jimmy Eat World

Aquarius is another zodiac sign that has trouble with communication. They’re people pleasers and often won’t speak their mind unless they’ve been pushed to the edge. When Mercury is in retrograde, communication can become even more difficult for an Aquarius, and they should avoid albums such as Bleed American by Jimmy Eat World because of that. Songs such as “The Middle” depict what it’s like to fit in, which isn’t what an Aquarius usually aspires to. Any album that could push Aquarius drastically to change or overcommunicate shouldn’t be played so they can properly adjust to those around them. 

Pisces (February 20 – March 20)

Album to avoid: Artwork by The Used

Pisces are extremely intuitive and emotional. Pisces thrives in their dramatics, and during Mercury retrograde, they can have a hard time communicating exactly what they mean. This causes conflict, and Pisces shouldn’t let this time make them overemotional. That’s why Artwork by the Used should be avoided by Pisces. Songs such as “Sold My Soul” talk about being in dark places, and during Mercury retrograde, it’s important that Pisces remains positive at all costs.