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It's been a little over seven weeks since Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico. Half the island is still without power while even more find themselves in need of water and other supplies. We've created a list of ways you can assist the victims, ranging from monetary donations to locations accepting in-person donations.

Find out how you can help, below.

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On September 7, category five storm Hurricane Irma clipped the island of Puerto Rico leaving many without power. When Hurricane Maria hit on September 20 over 60,000 people were still in the dark, meaning some have been without power since the beginning of September. 

Hurricane Maria brought winds of over 155 mph and 20 inches of rain, causing a devastating blow to the island. PREPA has been working to restore power but states that some may not see restoration until early 2018. Currently the total recovery estimates sit close to $95 billion with assistance being needed over the next two years. 

Here's how you can do your part to provide relief to those in need during this devastating time.

ConPRmetidos: This non-profit organization based in San Juan that has teamed up with the Foundation for Puerto Rico to raise money for long-term relief efforts in Puerto Rico. Donations made will go to restoring power and providing structural repairs with 100% of the funds raised going towards the effort. All donations are tax-deductible and can be made here.

The Hurricane Maria Community Relief & Recovery Fund: Supporting immediate and long-term rebuilding of Puerto Rico, you can choose your donation amount and rest assured that 100% of the funds will be going towards the project. Click here to make your donations.

Casa Pueblo: In an attempt to provide immediate relief to those still in darkness, this non-profit is seeking to purchase 20,000 solar lanterns to light up the night in Puerto Rico. You can purchase a lantern for $10 flat, including shipping, with the option to purchase multiples at once. You can purchase a lantern sent on your behalf, here.

Operation Agua: Many Puerto Ricans are still without water, forcing them to gather water from streams, runoffs, etc. AFT's Operation Agua is hoping to decrease the risk of contaminated water by providing filters and purifiers to those in need. You can purchase these by visiting their website.

Donation Drop-Off Locations: A handy Google Doc was created to list various donation drop-off points in different states. It lists locations, hours and provides a link to lists of what is needed at each location. Check the doc to see what locations are accepting donations in your state by clicking here.

UNICEF: 90% of every dollar donated to UNICEF goes to providing clean drinking water to families in crisis. All donations are tax-deductible and can be made at their website

United For Puerto Rico: A charity organization created by the First Lady of Puerto Rico, 100% of donations will go to providing aid and support for victims. Click here to make your donation.

GlobalGiving: Funds raised will provide relief to survivors in the form of food, water, and medicine as well as long-term assistance to help residents recover and rebuild. You can help them to reach their $10 million dollar goal by donating here.

Salvation Army: Whether it's food, drinks, shelter or supplies, the Salvation Army is ready to provide assistance. You can help them in their efforts by donating to their hurricane relief efforts at their website

Our thoughts go out to the victims of Puerto Rico and their families.

If you know of any other ways to help, please include them in the comments below.