Hundredth blaze new trails with Ultrarare, a collection of synth-pop remixes from the band's 2017 album RARE, itself an indie-rock departure for the previously hardcore punk band. See the cover art, tracklist, and hear the new remix album below.

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Released today, on the eve of RARE's anniversary, the seven-song assortment was written and performed by Hundredth singer/guitarist Chadwick Johnson and guitarist Alex Blackwell. It was produced, mixed and mastered by Johnson.

"[RARE] was based around big, reverby guitars and driving drums," the frontman says. "I was listening back one day to the album and felt like some of the the songs could be reinterpreted and take on a whole new vibe. I started toying around on a couple of the songs using synths instead of guitars and the songs went to a completely different place. RARE is a rush. Ultrarare is the comedown."

The remix revision comes on the heels of Johnson's recently premiered solo project, Pure Violet, another extension of the musician's newfound soundscapes. Pure Violet released a pair of debut tunes late last year, followed by latest single "Glass."

And Ultrarare continues Hundredth's brazen exploration of uncharted (for them) sonic territory. The South Atlantic-based outfit shocked the scene with their shoegazing rebirth on RARE after 2015's unencumbered hardcore missive, Free.

But that's the progressive nature of Hundredth (including bassist Andrew Minervini and drummer Lee Hutchison, who don't appear on Ultrarare). They keep the mood moving forward while discounting their detractors. "Y'all are whining about a tiny band from South Carolina not 'screaming' any more," the band tweeted last year. "Get a grip."

Hundredth - 'Ultrarare'


1. "Youth" (Ultrarare Version)
2. "Vertigo" (Ultrarare Version)
3. "Suffer" (Ultrarare Version)
4. "Grey" (Ultrarare Version)
5. "Neurotic" (Ultrarare Version)
6. "White Squall" (Ultrarare Version)
7. "Departure" (Ultrarare Version)

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