Alex Lyman of Slaves was stabbed last week, in what has been labeled as a homophobic hate crime by the Sacramento Police Department. The suspected allegedly called Lyman a “faggot in skinny jeans” before leaving him and two other musicians with stab wounds. Today, the stabbing suspect's mother speaks out, claiming she is “horrified” by her son's alleged actions. 

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Lori Brownell, the openly-gay mother of suspect Timothy Brownell, says that the altercation does not reflect her son's upbringing, and rather attributes the violent act to post traumatic stress disorder. “He was very protective of me and took issue with anyone who had a problem with his mom being gay,” Lori Brownell tells The Sacramento Bee. “I don’t think he’s homophobic. He’s never said anything derogatory.”

Brownell is expected to plea not guilty at an arraignment on Tuesday. Investigations are still underway.