I Is Another

I Is Another EP

Fans of Jonah Matranga and Ian Love’s previous work will immediately latch onto the debut EP by I Is Another. The combination of the powerful-voiced Matranga (Far, onelinedrawing, Gratitude) and the rollicking, shoegazey guitars of Love (Rival Schools, Cardia) is enough to send fans of melodic post-hardcore into a groove tizzy. But the coolest part about this seven-song collection is that it offers something for everyone—well, everyone who grew up on Revelation Records and ’90s post-hardcore, that is. “Shake” goes heavy, along the lines of the groove-based Revelation fare of bands like Snapcase and Farside, but with a gothy, Depeche Mode-inspired lead-in; “Dear Departed” is more like Daryl Palumbo’s post-Glassjaw dance-punk outfit, Head Automatica, but with a sprinkle of Ted Leo; and the title track is a somber, piano-infused, ballady number that’s akin to Matranga’s hefty solo catalog.

Both of these guys are known for their abundance of somewhat forgettable personal albums (between the two, they have over a dozen solo offerings), but here their pairing has brought out their shared adventurism. Matranga sounds like a dude lit afire by the spirit of his past, belting out anthems like “Kerry Jane” with the kind of fervor that made Far such a breakout riff-rock band in the ’90s. Meanwhile, Love has once again proven his keen knack for writing the perfect melodic riffs for the perfect melodic voice (see his work with Walter Schreifels in Rival Schools). In this case, that perfect melodic voice is Matranga’s.

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“Prayed For You”