I See Stars have released a music video for "Can We Start Again" an evolved b-side from their previous album, which will now be released on their upcoming digital mixtape, Renegades Forever. The mixtape is set for release May 28. View the "Can We Start Again" video and the mixtape tracklisting, below.

"Can We Start Again" is a re-interpretation of Bane's song of the same title.

1. Can We Start Again (ft. Frankie Palmeri of Emmure & Mattie Montgomery of For Today)

2. Underneath Every Smile (Acoustic Version)

3. This Isn't A Gameboy

4. The Hardest Mistakes (Popkong mix ft. Cassadee Pope)

5. The Hardest Mistakes Pt 2 (Popkong mix ft. Cassadee Pope)

6. Filth Friends Unite (Celldweller Remix)

7. Gnars Attacks (Mutrix Remix)

8. Electric Forest (Andrew Oliver Remix)

9. NZT48 (Razihel Remix)

10. NZT48 (Razihel Remix Pt 2)

11. Save The Cheerleader (Bare Remix)