I The Mighty frontman Brent Walsh is set to release his debut solo album, 7, on November 10 via Equal Vision Records. Today Walsh is premiering the third single from the effort, titled "Ride The Air," which you can listen to below. Be sure to leave us a comment with your thoughts!

""Ride the Air" is somewhat of a musical oddity for me; it's cute. I wrote the song somewhere back around 2007 when I became interested in this girl Yvette Young," shares Walsh. "Her sheer talent infatuated me. She was one of the most unique and naturally gifted artists I had ever met, not to mention she could sing, play violin and absolutely killed on guitar and piano. At the time, my infatuation was about 20 days deep. She was living in LA and was 20 days away from coming and staying with me for the first time. Through my excitement, this cute little jazzy song was born. Things didn't work out romantically between Yvette and I, though we're still friends and I strongly encourage anyone to check her out, especially if you want to listen to some ridiculously proggy guitar riffs."

is set for release on November 4 via Equal Vision Records. In case you missed them, listen to the record's first two singles: "Default World" and "Free," the former of which premiered exclusively on AltPress.