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I See Stars have called "truce" with Radke via Twitter:

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Ronnie Radke has been incorporating hip-hop into his style for a while now. There are the much talked about rap parts on Falling In Reverse's Fashionably Late, as well as the full-on hip-hop of "What Up Earth?" and "Fair Weather Fans," which he posted roughly a month ago on YouTube. There's only one fundamental building block of hip-hop he had skipped: battling.

Or had he? As it turns out, Ronnie recorded a "diss" track against I See Stars, ex-Sworn-Enemy-guitarist-turned-wrestler Lorenzo "The Main Event" Antonucci and Sumerian Records label owner Ash Avildsen. "I Wash Cars" is in the vein of classic rhyme battles like Ice Cube vs. N.W.A., Eazy-E/Dr. Dre, Eminem/Everlast, Cypress Hill/Westside Connection, 50 Cent/Ja Rule, etc.

(Both Avildsen and Antonucci  promised to deliver an official response to AP tomorrow.)

The track is personal, extremely comical and there's a guest verse (also a tradition of sorts with these songs) from B.Lay, a Los Angeles-based rapper and associate of Hollywood Undead co-founder Deuce. Plus, Radke adeptly sings his own hook.

When contacted on Monday, Ronnie exclusively told Alternative Press that the song was recorded seven months ago, much closer to when the "beef" had kicked off with Falling In Reverse and the I See Stars camp.

"I wrote that song in December," he said. "I was mad. You would be too. It's not how I feel anymore."

Radke says he recorded the song mostly to blow off steam and had only sent it to a few friends. It apparently leaked through an unknown source Sunday night, although Ronnie did promote the link himself in a since deleted Tweet.

Ronnie Radke promots I See Stars dis track | Alternative Press

Monday afternoon, the newly-returned-to-Twitter frontman reached out directly to I See Star's singer, Devin Oliver. He also answered fan comments (both positive and negative) by telling people the song was simply "a joke" and "all in fun."

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