iann dior has released "thought it was" featuring Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker. The track comes ahead of On To Better Things, out Jan. 21.

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dior previously spoke to Alternative Press about his relationship with MGK, naming him as a friend and mentor. "I would move around with him a lot in the beginning," he says. "Me and him are like the same type of person. We don’t pull up with security. We just pull up dolo. He respected me for that, and I respected him for that, but he would always just spit wisdom. He’s been in the game for a minute now, and he understands it, and he sees that I’m fresh in the game, and he’s letting me know, 'You ’bout to go up.' So I really respect him for that."

On To Better Things follows 2020's I'm Gone. You can listen to "thought it was" featuring Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker below.

On To Better Things tracklist:

1. "is it you"
2. "complicate it"
3. "V12" (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)
4. "I might"
5. "heavy"
6. "dark angel"
7. "obvious" (feat. Travis Barker)
8. "heartbreak3r"
9. "options"
10. "regret"
11. "thought it was" (feat. Travis Barker & Machine Gun Kelly)
12. "sinking"
13. "let you"
14. "fallin'"
15. "hopeless romantic" (feat. Travis Barker)

Our full cover story with iann dior appeared in issue #398, available here.