You know Spencer Charnas as the charismatic frontman of metalcore horror kings Ice Nine Kills. You may have guessed by now that he loves horror movies. When it comes to all things slasher, splatter, guts and gore, Charnas has seen it. In this APTV exclusive, the singer reveals his list of 10 must-see horror flicks that are essential viewing during quarantine.

Charnas has been obsessed with the genre for a very long time. Fans know that Ice Nine Kills' 2018 album The Silver Scream is fueled by his love of horror movies. The selections he offers in this APTV video span across decades. Media companies have a saying: "If it bleeds, it leads." That's a reference to people's fascination with front-page headlines involving violence and murder. For Charnas, that phrase probably determines what movie selections are on the tour bus, post-gig.

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Given the amount of horror movies he's taken in, you would think Charnas would be completely desensitized of the genre by now. But he speaks with reverence and deadpan humor on this carefully curated list. He drops a few slashin' classics, most certainly. But there are a few films here even the most ardent fans of the genre may have missed.

If you've been getting antsy being cooped up at home, Charnas' picks are guaranteed to make you flinch. His list might change your sleeping habits during the pandemic lockdown. Think about it. You watch some of his choices and you're too scared to sleep. The sun comes up, you feel comfortable, and then you crash and wake up at night. Lather, rinse, repeat.  Spencer Charnas and his list of horror movies for quarantine viewing isn't merely the subject of the new APTV video. It's a breakthrough coping mechanism in dealing with the psychic demands of the pandemic. Just don't go overboard. Because you'll never get any sleep if you keep a weapon under your pillow. You can't fight what you saw on a screen.