Yesterday, the Twitter saga with Trapt went a bit deeper with their official account taking shots at Sumerian Records and further Ice-T but today that beef goes a bit further.

Ice-T tweeted shortly after telling Trapt frontman Chris Taylor Brown off with a message about respect over popularity and Brown shot back again dragging out a hilariously nonchalant response from the multi-talented musician and actor.

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Since this has started, Trapt's social media account started going on ridiculous rants against seemingly every metalcore band in existence on top of actors and others.

After Born Of Osiris made a joking cover of their song "Headstrong," Brown got worked up and threats were made against their entire artist roster.

Through this, debates over streaming numbers were yet again brought up. This led to Brown rallying against Ice-T's metal band
Body Count
Brown replied back conveniently forgetting the ridiculous reasons he was threatening Sumerian artists for while trying to say Ice-T is saying he will kick his ass over the tweets.

Then, Ice-T laid out a message which was clearly about the Trapt situation.

Brown has clearly had a nerve struck by the interactions with Ice-T as he continues tweeting about him.
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While this has been wildly interesting to see play out, Ice-T is giving a pretty blunt message today that hopefully puts a stop to Brown's anger against the rapper. Ice-T isn't alone in not knowing who the hell Trapt are either as has been shown throughout the past month.

Brown still can't let things go though and continued tweeting about him and Power Trip.

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Shortly after this, he also gave a heartwarming message showing how inflated his ego is by saying only successful people can talk about other successful people without much of a definition of success being provided.

What do you think of Ice-T's response back to Trapt's Chris Taylor Brown? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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