As music lovers, we all have a vast array of tastes and playlists hundreds of songs deep. And while we may have our favorites, there’s no denying that when that one song comes on, you’ll know it from the first note. From a cough and an inhale to a G note and a riff, here are the most unmistakable song intros you’ll know immediately.

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1. All Time Low – “Dear Maria, Count Me In”

Who knew hearing someone cough would instantly trigger this 2007 All Time Low bop? The platinum-certified track is Hopeless Records’ best-selling and the band’s most streamed on Spotify, and with good reason.

2. Taking Back Sunday – “MakeDamnSure”

That opening inhale is so iconic, the Taking Back Sunday track even became involved in a meme crossover last year.

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3. Panic! At The Disco – “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”

Emo nights across the country explode before Brendon Urie even makes it to “Oh, well imagine.”

4. My Chemical Romance – “Welcome To The Black Parade”

G note—enough said.

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5. blink-182 – “What’s My Age Again?”

There’s no denying hearing this recognizable riff will instantly have you singing the wrong lyrics to this blink-182 song.

6. Fall Out Boy – “Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn’t Get Sued”

This Fall Out Boy track is so legendary that they managed to make us associate paparazzi-level camera clicks with the From Under The Cork Tree era.

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7. Green Day – “American Idiot”

Green Day have a lot of iconic openers, but Billie Joe Armstrong’s riff is definitely one of the best.

8. A Day To Remember – “The Downfall Of Us All”

No song has pumped up a person more quickly than the first notes of this A Day To Remember track.

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9. Paramore – “Misery Business”

We’re immediately in the business of misery once Paramore drummer Zac Farro kicks everything off.

10. Linkin Park – “In The End”

There’s no denying hearing this piano-led intro goes hand in hand with the classic Linkin Park track.

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11. Marilyn Manson – “The Beautiful People”

Nearly 45 seconds of recognizable instrumental prove Marilyn Manson doesn’t need to use his legendary vocals to remind people this is his song.

12. Evanescence – “Bring Me To Life”

As soon as those first haunting notes hit, you know Evanescence’s Amy Lee’s powerful vocals are on the way.

13. Bring Me The Horizon – “It Never Ends”

Nearly nine years later, this Bring Me The Horizon track’s opening riffs are still instantly recognizable.

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14. The Killers – “Mr. Brightside”

We’re all coming out of our cage as soon as these first notes hit.

15. The All-American Rejects – “Move Along”

Those heart-pounding drums are hard to forget.

Which song did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!

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