There's definitely no shortage of memes about astrology and zodiac signs on the internet.

Actually, there are accounts that solely post memes about astrology, including one user @milkstrology, who recently started one of the latest hilarious trends through their posts.

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Starting with characters solely from the Scooby-Doo franchise, the Twitter user began making hilarious posts playing off stereotypes of the signs to prove that astrology is real. The format goes “If astrology isn’t real, then why do all (insert zodiac sign)” look like this, act like this, etc., along with a photo.

The original posts took off, so @milkstrology started making even more memes with characters from other shows and movies. Naturally, Twitter users quickly jumped on, making even more amusing posts that were oddly so true.

We decided to round up some of the best “if astrology isn’t real” memes for each of the signs so we can all laugh a little at ourselves.


To be honest, we cannot track down where exactly this cartoon character is from, but she gives total Aries vibes. The attitude, the red lips and the always Instagram-ready look are tell-tale traits of this fire sign.


Be truthful, Tauruses. You have a tendency to be skeptical all the time, just like this meme from The Cleveland Show. Don’t worry: Capricorns and Virgos can relate, so you’re not alone.


Apparently, all Geminis dress like Little Bill, which definitely describes a few sporty twins that we know. Geminis tend to embrace things that are funky and eclectic, so this meme makes a good point.


Cancers, you have to laugh because this meme hits your tendency to always worry too much dead on. More often than not, you're probably making a similar face to Scooby-Doo in this meme, and that’s OK.


Leos love to be the center of attention and give off similar vibes to Megara from Hercules. They’re also always on point with their outfits and would likely wear something like this to stand out.


Virgos can sometimes be shy and reserved, but it’s because their brains are always working on overdrive. They’re extremely smart, so we totally get the comparison to Velma from Scooby-Doo here.


Libras are natural-born skeptics because they always love to weigh all of their options. They totally give off this look to anyone who tries to bullshit them because they’re just looking for the facts.


All of these women are the epitome of Scorpio energy, especially with the dark outfits and red lips. These photos, including Elvira and Megan Fox, show off the sultry, mysterious side of Scorpio that hints at the passion they’re hiding.


Sagittariuses are dreamers and have a natural sense of adventure, so comparing them to Susie, the mischievous character from Rugrats, isn't so far off.


Honestly, we’re sorry about this one, Capricorns. It’s not that you all look like these Gargoyles from a '90s kids' series—it’s that you're sometimes uptight and standoffish. It’s not your fault, though. Blame the stars.


Shaggy eating a sandwich is the definition of carefree Aquarius energy. This sign doesn’t care what’s going on around them. They’re totally content in their own little world.


Pisces often have their heads in the clouds, which can lead to them not being the best listeners at times. Sometimes when someone is telling them a long story, they likely make the same face as Ariana Grande in this GIF.