This year has been quite a doozy for comic book fans. Deadpool rattled the cage, an epic battle raged between Batman and Superman and we tried to mediate the match between Iron Man versus Captain America, but we just couldn’t resist the temptation.

The next superhero blockbuster on deck is Suicide Squad. Comprised of villains rounded up to be government-sanctioned anti-heroes, Suicide Squad has a stacked cast looking to debut some new forces on screen while also re-vamping some beloved characters. There’s a psycho babe, a tatted prankster and, oh yeah, the Fresh Prince is a sharp shooter.

Inspired by the film, we put together a list of artists who we think could step in to complete our comic cast.

Chino Moreno (Deftones): Boomerang

Formerly known as George “Digger” Harkness, Captain Boomerang is an Aussie who uses—you guessed it— boomerangs for weapons. We’re not certain if the film will portray Boomerang’s serious or more comic side, but we have heard a description of his wardrobe: rock ’n’ roll. And who better to be a rock-and-roll-boomerang-throwin’ bad/good guy then Chino Moreno? He’s written about guns, razors and knives and shot a bloody music video here and there.


Jason Aalon Butler (letlive.): Deadshot

Gotham's own Floyd Lawton is a marksman who shoots to kill. Sentenced to life in prison for his savagery, he's presented the opportunity to earn his freedom via recruitment by the Suicide Squad. Deadshot will complete any mission at any cost, including his own death. Butler is just the right balance of reckless and precise to pull off this complex vigilante.

Jenna McDougall (Tonight Alive): Harley Quinn

The cuckoo, charismatic clown-girl that we've all been waiting for: Harley Quinn. Originally a psychiatrist named Harleen Quinzel, she met with the Joker once and sealed her fate. She's sweet, sour and entirely unpredictable. Jenna McDougall has the personality and vocal chops to do whatever she wants, but we think the cackling jester would suit her well.


Chris Motionless (Motionless In White):  The Joker

This might be a match made in heaven. We couldn’t think of anyone else who could portray the Joker better than Motionless. He’s got the grim look down, and he’s a makeup master. In Suicide Squad, Jared Leto will offer a new interpretation of the Joker  but regardless, Motionless is a solid runner-up.


Josh Manuel (Issues): Rick Flag

The team leader. He’s got military training and he’s the head of Waller’s assembly. But don’t you dare compare him to Deadshot. (That’s a pet-peeve of his.) Josh Manuel has total control over his drum kit, so we figure, hell, why can’t he handle a group of ready-to-murder villains?


Juliet Simms: The Enchantress

The Enchantress, a second half to June Moon—who made her very first debut in the ’60s as “The Switcheroo-Witcheroo”— has been a character for a long time. This is her first big-screen appearance, though. The Enchantress becomes her own entity when she is ripped from Moon’s body. (It’s even rumored that Superman killed her in an old comic.) Juliet Simms is the perfect blend of enduring, seductive and mysterious. For that, she lands one of the main roles by our books.


Loniel Robinson (Letlive.): Killer Croc

We’re not sure how serious of a role Killer Croc will play in Suicide Squad, but we are sure he’s a badass character. He’s a sideshow wrestler with a rare disease that gives him a crocodile-like appearance. This also is Killer Croc’s big screen debut. Loniel Robinson is a vicious drummer with fills as tough as a croc’s armored skin.

Cody Carson (Set It Off): El Diablo

Another member of the squad who could steal the show or fall into the backdrop. The actor who plays him in the film, Jay Hernandez, says with movies like this, “You have to find ways to infuse characters that aren’t in the narrative.” But we hope El Diablo gets his share of action. Cody Carson is eccentric, upbeat and fiery—making him the heated choice for El Diablo.

Suicide Squad is in theaters Aug. 5.