There was a lot of Imagine Dragons controversy yesterday. Billboard released its Hottest Rock Songs of the Decade and Imagine Dragons took the top three spots. Their songs were  “Thunder,” “Believer” and “Radioactive."

The internet was sent into a firestorm of disagreement over whether Imagine Dragons deserved it and whether they should even be considered a rock band at all. Now, Dan Reynolds of the band took to social media to address concerns.

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To understand the context of what Reynolds says on social media, it's important to get a base. Check out some reactions to the Imagine Dragons news below.

So this morning, Dan Reynolds took to Twitter to address those who supported them, and those who didn't. Reynolds laughs off the negative comments.

got on twitter to find all the slander and all the love. thank you for the love and yea I’d probably be mad if it wasn’t my band but it is my band hahahahahahbaba

He then speaks openly about his feelings towards supporters and thanks them.

and in all serious. thank you so much. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to have spent the last decade writing this music and sharing it w you. it all comes from a real place and it always will. the world can debate what genre it belongs in. that’s not my concern.

The Billboard list also includes tracks from twenty one pilots and Panic! At The Disco.

Panic! At The Disco comes in fourth with High Hopes and twenty one pilots six, nine and ten with “Heathens” “Ride” and “Stressed Out.”

Also in the top 10 of the list are “Ho Hey” by the Lumineers, “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk The Moon, and “Feel It Still” by Portugal. The Man.

The full chart includes the hottest 50 songs of the decade. “Sail” by AWOLNATION comes in at 14, Fall Out Boy‘s “Centuries” is in the top twenty at 17 and “Savior” by Rise Against holds spot 22.

Paramore takes 36 with “Ain’t It Fun,” “Best Day Of My Life” by American Authors is 39, “Waiting For The End” by Linkin Park is 48 and Disturbed‘s cover of “Sound Of Silence” places 49.

What do you think of Imagine Dragons taking the top three spots? Sound off below!

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