In Fall Out Boy, everyone is equal and everything is split four ways

Music blog PropertyOfZack recently highlighted part of Fall Out Boy's new interview with Rolling Stone and made a fascinating observation. In the piece, Patrick Stump gives us a refreshing revelation: Each member of Fall Out Boy is treated equally, and everything is split four ways.

“Real early on we decided that, regardless of who wrote what, we’d split everything four ways,“ Stump told Rolling Stone. ”There are records where I’ve done a whole song or Joe [Trohman] has written an entire music bed, but we all get the same credit. If there’s four of us onstage, the four of us are receiving the same amount of credit, the same amount of money and the same amount of everything.”

It's not uncommon for a band's primary songwriters to take a larger share of the royalties. But in FOB, they're all in it together and treated as equals. Look at thier writing credits: All four members are always listed.