After 14 years of waiting, Incredibles director Brad Bird has confirmed that work on a sequel has finally begun, (via USA Today).

In a recent interview with Collider, Bird claimed that he has "a bunch of pages" written for the impending film, and that it will most likely be his next film. Most recently, Bird could be found calling the shots for Star Wars: Episode VII

Incredibles originally debuted in November of 2004 to widespread critical acclaim.

With regards to The Incredibles 2, Steve asked the filmmaker for a status update on the script. Does he have pages yet?

“Oh yeah I have pages, a bunch of pages. I had a lot of ideas for the original Incredibles that I didn’t get a chance to use, that I like. I have ideas that I wanted to pursue a little bit and there wasn’t enough time inIncredibles. There are new ideas I have, and I think there are enough of those together to make an interesting movie. I’m just focusing on gettingTomorrowland out into the world and playing with the Incredibles sandbox again.”

So, can Bird confidently say The Incredibles 2 is his next project?

“Yeah it feels like it to me, yeah.”