A Southern California crew of three guys formed a band while still enrolled at Calabasas High School in 1991. Since then, other members have come and gone, but Brandon Boyd, Mike Einziger, and José Pasillas have stayed true. They started as weird but talented — and eventually transformed into rock music mainstays with chart-topping singles and world tours. 

Incubus is one of those rare bands that found their purpose within growth and adjustment, rather than losing their essence. It almost feels like once they let go of what they were supposed to think was cool and embraced something more natural and wide-reaching, they found the musical core of who they truly are. When they made the stranger ideas more complementary and the sharper edges more balanced with the tender ones, the result was a stretch of top-tier rock albums defining an era.

To rank their best albums, you need to start with the early and late work and build up to the middle sweet spot. We did our best to chronicle how they got there and slowly, but surely, faded after their due date. This is Alternative Press’ list of the worst to greatest albums by an undeniably significant late 90s through early 2000s band. 

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Every Incubus album ranked

Find every Incubus album, from classics like Morning View to 2017’s 8, below.