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The new season of Ink Master is a must-watch, Pink Siifu unveils a colorful new project and more

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Ink Master season 14 is a must-watch for tattoo enthusiasts

The new trailer for Ink Master season 14 has arrived, and Good Charlotte’s own Joel Madden will host. “These tattoo artists are putting themselves out there by coming on this platform,” Madden says of the new season in an exclusive interview with AP. “It takes a lot of grit, stomach and thick skin, so you really gain a newfound respect for the artists who come to compete.” Check out the trailer below.

Pink Siifu has a colorful new project on the way

Hip-hop’s elusive chameleon Pink Siifu recently unveiled a new project produced by Real Bad Man titled Real Bad Flights. Like 2021’s GUMBO’!, the release looks like it’ll be a product of collaboration, featuring Boldy James, Armand Hammer, Amani and more. Siifu uses a wide range of inspirations to keep himself grounded, plunging down different rabbit holes of sound with every release, and we can’t wait to see what the rapper has in store this time.

HBO unveils the first glimpse of The Last of Us

HBO has a slew of great shows on the horizon, including new seasons of White Lotus, Succession, Gossip Girl and Hacks. Toward the end of the teaser video, HBO shared a quick glimpse into their new series The Last of Us. Based on the video game series of the same name, the post-apocalyptic drama is set to be a thrilling TV adaptation. Watch the teaser below.