Remember when a photo of an egg stole Kylie Jenner's record for most “likes” on an Instagram post? Everyone has been itching to find out who’s behind the egg, and a mysterious Hulu message made us believe that was coming sooner than we think.

Yesterday, the viral egg promised some sort of “big reveal” following this year's Super Bowl, with Hulu sharing similar teasers. Now that the reveal has happened, it just has us asking even more questions.

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The Instagram account world_record_egg set out with one mission, to steal Jenner’s crown for the most likes on an Instagram photo.

The egg ended up crushing Jenner’s old record of 18 million likes and is currently sitting at a whopping 52 million likes.

The account has continued to post photos since its Jan. 4 launch. Each one shows the Instagram egg cracking more and more. Last night, the egg shared a football-inspired image with the caption, “The wait is over. All will be revealed this Sunday following the Super Bowl. Watch it first only on Hulu.”

In the midst of the Super Bowl, Hulu kept dropping hints. They took to their Instagram story to direct viewers to more clues.

hulu world record egg

[Photo via Instagram/hulu][/caption]Once clicking on the first photo advertising their original series Pen15, the caption shows four hatched chicks and three eggs. Using the key above, this translates to fives times four equals 20 and ones times three equals three. Fans in the comment began pointing out that this adds up to 23, and “W” is the 23rd letter of the alphabet.

Using this same logic through the rest of their egged photos, which total 13 images, it spells out, “We liked the egg.”

Following the Super Bowl’s conclusion, Hulu offered up more information regarding this big reveal:

“Are you eggcited for the reveal? Watch World Record Egg at 8PM PST on Hulu.”

Once on Hulu, you can see a new TV show titled World Record Egg. The first episode’s description reads, “Watch as the World Record Egg reveals something very personal about its experience after becoming a global phenomenon.”

Once it hit 8 p.m. PST, the 30-second clip began to play:

“Hi, I’m the world_record_egg (you may have heard of me). Recently I’ve started to crack. The pressure of social media is getting to me. If you’re struggling too, talk to someone. We got this. #talkingegg”

Mental Health America, the subject of the video, chimed in on the big reveal on Twitter:

“We’d like to thank #TalkingEgg for shining a limelight on #mentalhealth tonight with an important message. Not everyone chooses to #fightintheopen for mental health, but you did for the 1 in 5 Americans living with a mental health condition. Thank you, #EggGang!”

It’s still unclear if Hulu and Mental Health America launched the world_record_egg to start a conversation on social media and mental health or if they’re using the viral moment to shine a light on it.

What do you think of Hulu and Mental Health America’s big reveal? Sound off in the comments below!

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