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It's been testing the feature since earlier this year, and now Instagram has officially launched the capability to re-share other users' posts on your own Instagram Story. Find out more about the new Instagram feature below.

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As noted by TechCrunch, the new re-share feature gives you a way to highlight or comment on another user's Insta post without simply repurposing or "regramming" their content, sharing the post to your own friends and followers.

"You can now re-share something you saw posted by a brand or influencer on Instagram that you like, or add your own comments on top of a funny meme, or even tag a friend on a post you want them to see," reports TechCrunch.

You can only re-share from a public Instagram account, according to the app's developers. However, if you currently have a public account but aren't interested in the feature, you can still opt out of the capability in your settings.

To try it out, just tap that "paper airplane" icon you use to DM somone on a post your want to share. Now, you should be presented with an option to create a Story from that post, as well. Start editing, and add it to your Story.

EDIT: The new re-share to Story feature should be live today on all Android devices and will come to iOS in the next week.

Happy 'gramming!

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