[Pictured: Alex Gaskarth, Brendon Urie, Anthony Green; Photos by: Chrissy Costanza/Instagram, Brendon Urie/Instagram, Emo Night Brooklyn/Instagram]

Unfortunately, you can't spend 24/7 checking out what your favorite bands are posting on social media. Luckily for you, we can.

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Here are some of the cutest, funniest and weirdest stuff artists shared on their Instagram stories this week. And the best part about this post? It won't fade away after 24 hours.

Alex Gaskarth shared this boomerang of Against The Current's Chrissy Constanza in the studio

That's cute, Alex.

Chrissy replied with this picture of Alex—and got us all excited for that ATC/ATL collab

[Photo by: Chrissy Costanza/Instagram]

How soon can we hear that?

Circa Survive were apparently so hungry they tried to eat their phones?

[Photo by: Circa Survive/Instagram]

There's probably a Chipotle nearby, guys.

Anthony Green took over Emo Night Brooklyn's Instagram stories and sang songs from Pocahontas with these ladies

[Photo by: Emo Night Brooklyn/Instagram]


There was a fire on a hotel Green Day were staying at and Billie Joe Armstrong dealt with it by starting a live stream

Of course.

Joey Armstrong shared some... new music?

[Photo by: Joey Armstrong/Instagram]

We sure hope so. It's been too long since SWMRS released Drive North.

As It Is arrived in the U.S. for their tour with Waterparks, Chapel and Sleep On It. Patty Walters was tired.

[Photo by: Patty Walters/Instagram]

We hate jet lag, too, Patty.

Juliet Simms is every woman wearing heels

[Photo by: Juliet Simms/Instagram]

It never gets easy. Ever.

With Confidence were up to some dangerous stuff

[Photo by: Jayden Seeley/Instagram]

That's either pretty dumb or extremely awesome; we can't decide.

Broadside's Oliver Baxxter teased new projects

[Photo by: Oliver Baxxter/Instagram]

We're excited.