OK, we're not going to lie: We might take screenshots of Instagram Stories and posts every once in a while.

However, Instagram appears to be testing out a "screenshot alert feature" for stories, meaning a user will get notified when someone screenshots their Story.

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Bustle explains that users will get a warning the first time they screenshot a story, letting users know that the next time they take a screenshot, the uploader of the story will get a notification.

Of course, this is only getting tested by a small number of users at this point, and an Instagram rep tells Bustle that they have "no current plans to roll the feature out to all Instagram users."

However, that update would mean no more sly creeping, and the internet has a reaction to that.

But honestly, some people just want the regular algorithm back:

But nothing can be worse than that Snapchat update, right? We'll just have to see.