D.R.U.G.S. frontman, Craig Owens, having just returned from a sold-out run through Europe with his band, announced this weekend a surprise solo tour that will run the month of May throughout the Midwest. He had previously stated that he was going to take most of 2012 off from doing solo shows and focus on other projects, including possible new material from D.R.U.G.S. Now with rumors of a possible reunion with his former band, Chiodos, also circulating the web, Owens appears to have a lot on his plate now for the foreseeable future. AP caught up with the singer this weekend at his home in Michigan.

You just returned from a quick tour with D.R.U.G.S. in Europe, how was it? Which show stood out the most to you and why?

To say that the tour and shows were amazing is a complete understatement. Every one was sold out, and there wasn't a night that we played to under 2,000 people. The highlight for me personally was the sold out Brixton show with 5,000+, and although we were support, it seemed like every kid knew every word. It was almost like a U.S. tour, where I could barely hear myself singing because the crowd were singing along so loudly. I lost a total of 7 shirts during the tour, all of which were ripped off of my body when I walked along the barricade and on the crowd. It's a tour I'll never forget. I can't wait to get back over the pond and play for such thankful and enthusiastic fans (which we plan on doing soon!).

Now that you're home, you've announced a new solo tour. You really seem to enjoy doing thesein what ways?

Yup, it's true—I know that I said I would wait to do more solo touring until next winter, that it would be "a while" before I began doing them again, but I just can't stop myself from it. To me, there is nothing better then playing to a group of people who truly understand you and your message. These are the people that come out to my solo shows. I did close to 14 of them last year, 12 of which sold out, and I can't say that there was even a moment when I wasn't glowing due to the overwhelming support from those attending. I always like to choose intimate venues and remind myself how lucky I am to be doing what I do. It's an amazing way to connect with fans and those who have supported what I do for years. I also enjoy pulling surprises from my back catalogue of songs I've written or been a part of and playing them in fun new ways, or maybe simply interacting with the crowd on a much smaller scale. I consider it more of a "come on in, I'll sit on the couch, and play for you in my living room" sort of vibe... if that even makes sense. Nostalgia without having to "fit in" best describes these shows.

Your solo tours always have a theme to them, so is there a theme behind this one?

There is. While I'll be announcing more themes for each individual show, such as maybe dressing up funny or making a memory that people won't forget, which is basically a ploy to make sure that people check their insecurities at the door, this tour is much more centered around the things I typically say in between songs. The band I'm bringing along with me, which will be announced soon, also represents standing up after struggling. Anyone that has attended one of my solo shows knows that I enjoy speaking of my downfalls and things that I've overcome. I try to be as clairvoyant as possible, reminding them that they're not alone in their flaws, mistakes and faults, and that your future is all on your shoulders.