Into It. Over It. is back with a new single called "Living Up To Let You Down." The track is the first to be released off of his forthcoming album Figure.

Figure is the first full-length release from Into It. Over It. in four years and follows up 2016's Standards.

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Since 2017, Evan Weiss, the mastermind behind Into It. Over It., has been hard at work creating material for Figure. With the help of friends, the new album became his commitment to do better and be a better person.

“It’s about trying to make peace with poor decisions that I’ve made,” Weiss says. “And how I can try to reconcile as much as I can, and what I can’t reconcile, how I’m going to cope with that moving forward, and what I can do to be better to the people around me.”

Along with drummer and audio engineer Adam Beck, Weiss recorded and produced Figure over the course of seven months. He recorded in different studios around Chicago's various neighborhoods. He also enlisted the help of longtime friends and collaborators.

Figure is mixed by Jason Cupp (Jimmy Eat World, American Football) and mastered by Dave Kutch (Solange, Lana Del Rey). The new album also features 12 tracks including the newly released "Living Up To Let You Down."

Weiss found inspiration for the new single during a trip to Nashville. He turned the trip into a therapeutic break and connected with a friend while he was there. Together, they shared similar feelings of confusion, pain and the need to escape from life for a while.

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The experience ultimately led to the creation of "'Living Up To Let You Down." The two also got matching tattoos out of the experience. Weiss says that the trip “quite honestly may have saved my life.”

Figure also marks the end of Weiss as a completely solo artist. Beck and Weiss first began creating together in 2017. Over those three years, the two have managed to create over 30 songs together.

“I owe that dude my life,” Weiss says. “He came in and saved me when I was in a really dark time.”

The inclusion of Beck in the Into It. Over It. project is exciting for Weiss. It is also an aspect that has kept the musical project going after so many years.

“That excitement of starting a band for the first time is an irreplicable feeling," Weiss continues. "It’s really hard to get that feeling back, and if I didn’t come up with a way to reinvent the excitement of being in this band for the first time, it would’ve been the end of Into It. Over It.”

"Living Up To Let You Down" is available to stream below. Figure is out Sept. 18 on Triple Crown Records. Album pre-orders are available here.

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