Apple has officially unveiled the iPhone 11 and needless to say, people online have a lot of thoughts about the new camera and more. 

The company unveiled three new phones — the iPhone 11, iPhone Pro and the iPhone Pro Max. 

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The new phone announcement unveiled that Apple is introducing a reverse camera with multiple lenses. You can see what the phones look like below. 

The traditional iPhone 11 will have a reverse dual-camera setup with an additional wide lens that allows for 2x optical zoom. The iPhone Pro phones will have a three-lens system for the reverse camera, so users can really experiment with wide-angle and zoomed shots. 

The new camera will also have a Night Mode which will reduce motion and blur to make it easier to take photos in the dark. 

One of the most exciting parts is that the new phone will come in new colors — white, green, yellow, purple, black and red. The iPhone 11 Pro will be in green, silver, grey and gold. 

The iPhone 11 will also have an additional hour of battery life over the iPhone XR and the iPhone Pro models will have an additional four to five hours of battery life over the iPhone Xs. 

Another feature will be what the company calls “enhanced Face ID” where it will speed up the process of scanning the user’s face to unlock their phone. 

The new iPhone 11 will start at $699 and the pro will start at $999. 

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You can see tweets from those present at the announcement that showcase all the new features of the phones below. 

Of all the details revealed, nothing caused more of a frenzy than the appearance of the new cameras. People compared the look to a fidget spinner, a stove and more on Twitter. See what they had to say about all that Apple unveiled below. 

Along with the phone announcement, the company introduced a new Apple Watch series and iPad. They also introduced a streaming service Apple TV+ featuring original content and Apple Arcade, which will be a subscription service for games.

What do you think of all the new Apple products and the new iPhone? Sound off in the comments down below!

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