It looks like Avril Lavigne may have a few more surprises planned for 2021.

This week, the singer teased a collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly and MOD SUN may be arriving in the near future.

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Over the past few weeks, Avril Lavigne has been in the studio working on her new album. The upcoming LP is being produced by John Feldmann. As well, we learned earlier this month that MOD SUN has been writing alongside Lavigne in the studio.

The Goldfinger frontman is not only producing Lavigne's new album, but he also produced MOD SUN's upcoming release. In a recent interview with Wall Of Sound, Feldmann revealed that MOD SUN has been joining in on Lavigne’s recording sessions. As well, Lavigne has shared various studio photos alongside both Feldmann and MOD SUN.


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Amidst the various other hints shared over the past few weeks, fans are speculating that a collab from Lavigne and MOD SUN may be in the works. Now, it looks like Machine Gun Kelly is getting in on the action.

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On Tuesday, Lavigne shared a few more exclusive behind-the-scenes photos in the studio. MGK can be seen seemingly tracking some vocals in the recording booth, hinting that a collab may be in the works.

"So are we ready for new music in the new year or what? Lemme know....."


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Back in January, Travis Clark revealed that he was actually working in the studio with MGK and Lavigne. The We The Kings frontman exclusively told Alternative Press that the trio collaborated together on some new music. However, it's unknown if this project will appear on Lavigne's upcoming album.

"[With Avril], she was like, 'Hey, I see that you post pictures with your buddy Machine Gun Kelly. Do you think you would want to write?' And I was like, 'Yeah!' So I texted him. I was like, 'Yo, you want to work on a couple [of] songs with me and Avril for her record?' And he said, 'Absolutely.' So that all parlayed and ended up snowballing into each other. I end up in really cool sessions that I just never thought I would ever really be a part of."

Machine Gun Kelly has shown his love for Lavigne's music over the years. Back in March, MGK posted a video of him jamming out on guitar to "Sk8er Boi." Machine Gun Kelly was even seen hanging out with Lavigne and Clark back in November 2019.

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For now, we will just have to wait and see what exactly Machine Gun Kelly, Avril Lavigne and MOD SUN are working on. In the meantime, MGK and MOD SUN have plenty of other exciting plans in the works.

MOD SUN is gearing up to put out his upcoming album. We've already gotten a few tastes of the LP with his recently released songs "Karma" and "Bones." As well, MOD SUN and MGK's Tickets To My Downfall-inspired musical Downfalls High officially arrives in January. The upcoming film stars Euphoria's Sydney Sweeney and is co-narrated by blink-182's Travis Barker.

Machine Gun Kelly recently entered the studio with Barker again where they have been working on even more new music. Back in November, MGK revealed that he hopes to put out his next album sometime in 2021.

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What are your reactions to Avril Lavigne, Machine Gun Kelly and MOD SUN working in the studio together? Do you think a collab is on the way? Let us know in the comments below.