In a 2015 Vogue Italia interview with Editor-in-chief of Paris Vogue, Emanuelle Alt, she coined a phrase you can now find plastered all over Pinterest pages. on the walls of home offices and... in a new Fall Out Boy song.

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When Alt was asked about her rock-n-roll demeanor and dtyle, she responded "I'll stop wearing black when they will create a darker color," or in French, "J'arreteri de porter du noir le jour ou ils inventeront une couleur plus foncee."

In Fall Out Boy song "Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)" off the new MAN I A album, the chorus uses the phrase "I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker color."

So is Patrick Stump getting Vogue Paris delivered to his doorstep? Or is he just a big Emmanuelle Alt fan? Whatever the case, we can't help but agree that: we won't stop wearing black until they make a darker color!