Can you imagine hopping on a unicycle and going to work? Ultimately, that's the folks over at Ninebot's vision for their latest product: a personal, self-balancing transportation unit, which is, of course, based off the unicycle, (via OZY).

The concept is fairly simple. Just place your feet on the two pegs, lean forward to go forward and lean backwards to go backwards. The futuristic-looking device is powered by a battery, which on a full two-hour charge, can go between 6-18 miles, reaching speeds of 9-12 miles per hour.

Right now, you can purchase your very own electric unicycle for the price of $928 through Amazon. As OZY pointed out, there are training wheels and two-wheeled versions on sale as well.

So, what do you think? Can you see yourself going to work on a unicycle? Or, perhaps, even going to a concert on one?