Issues have dropped the highly anticipated first single from their forthcoming album, proving the gloves are off and they're pulling out all the stops. "Tapping Out" marks the first track from the band's upcoming third full-length album set to drop later this year via Rise Records.

Check out the heavy new track below!

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It's been almost three years since the band released their last album, Headspace, leaving fans eager for some new music and needless to say, the band did not disappoint.

Last month, Skyler Acord made an announcement via the band’s Twitter account that the new album was finally complete, posting “We finished our album yesterday, almost two years to the day from the first writing session. It (literally) almost killed us in more ways than one but good art comes from conflict. I can’t wait for you to hear what we went through, woven into the music we’re all so proud of.”

Vocalist Tyler Carter later took to Instagram to share an emotional update with fans regarding the upcoming album.

“There’s something so different about listening to a product that you know you can’t change,” Carter says. “It’s already been turned in, so it’s like I know this is it.”

Anticipation ran high amongst fans as the band began teasing the single "Tapping Out" with fellow artists taking things one step further by sharing videos on their thoughts of the new track.

BeartoothI PrevailState Champs

Good things are definitely worth the wait.

Check out the brand new Issues track "Tapping Out" below.

Issues also performed the track live for the first time tonight at Seattle's show, which you can check out below!

Vocalist Tyler Carter sat down with AP to discuss the forthcoming album and how the band has handled the "bubblegum pop" rumors.

"I love the rumors," Carter says. "The more genre rumors and musical rumors, the better. It’s just going to shock people once they hear the album, especially everybody talking all this shit. The biggest misconception for me is that you have to have screaming all over an album for it to be heavy. I feel like people just always assume, especially the scene we come from and the era, people think you have to have build up to a breakdown call and straight hardcore dancing, mosh, crabcore [Laughs.] screaming parts. People think you have to have that to be heavy, but the truth is, this album we tuned so low to some songs. We had to bring in an eight-string. We have songs that are double drop C sharp, an octave lower than standard C sharp. It’s just funny. I feel like this is probably the heaviest shit we’ve ever written, but that doesn’t mean there’s a buildup to a fucking “open this shit up!” [Laughs.]"

You can read the full interview here.

Issues are currently on tour with I Prevail, you can check out the full list of cities and dates here.

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