While Issues are getting ready to release their new album after dropping "Tapping Out," but they've got some new material on the way soon.

The band responded to a fan asking about new music on Twitter, and they've revealed their shooting a new video this weekend.

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A fan tagged the band while asking when there would be more new music and got a perfect response from the band.

Luckily for fans who enjoyed "Tapping Out," the new singles are expected to be even more amazing.

The band's new album is arriving soon, but they came up with an interesting way to spice it up.

Skyler Acord posted screenshots on Twitter of a text he sent to his label about the album, saying “we have no choice.”

The members were drinking one night and while they were happy with the new record, they thought something was missing. They sent Rise Records some text messages explaining they need to rework some of the material from the ground up.

The band’s label, Rise Records, quote tweeted the post.

Are you excited for a new Issues video and song? Let us know in the comments below.

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