[Photo by: Justine Baddeley/YouTube]

After Issues parted ways with former vocalist Michael Bohn, many feared the band would be taking a new "bubblegum pop" approach with upcoming shows. Their performance at yesterday's Download Festival took those fears and tossed them out the window in true Issues fashion.

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Issues had their first performance as a four-piece without former screamer Michael Bohn at yesterday's Download Festival. All eyes were on the band as fans eagerly awaited to see how Issues would choose to perform without a screamer to back up thier harsh vocals. 

While many expected them to simply omit the screams, what no one was prepared for was a combined effort from AJ Bends, Sky Acord AND Tyler Carter to cover unclean vocals.

We have to admit, it's quite impressive.

And can we please talk about this gnarly scream from Tyler Carter during "Blue Wall"?

Bends later took to Instagram to share his excitement for the band's next chapter.

Meanwhile, Sky had some heart-warming and adorable support from his wife, and if we're being honest, her reaction is all of us right now.

And despite the issue of security not catching crowd surfers...

Issues gave an incredible performance that fans were beyond thrilled with.

You can catch Issues this summer on the Journey's Right Foot Stage during Vans Warped Tour at the dates and cities listed below:


06/21 - Pomona, CA

06/22 - San Diego, CA

06/23 - Mountain View, CA

06/24 - Ventura, CA

06/28 - Phoenix, AZ

06/29 - Las Vegas, NV

06/30 - Salt Lake City, UT

07/01 - Denver, CO

07/03 - St. Louis, MO

07/05 - Bonner Springs, KS

07/06 - Dallas, TX

07/07 - San Antonio, TX

07/08 - Houston, TX

07/10 - Nashville, TN

07/12 - Virginia Beach, VA

07/13 - Camden, NJ

07/14 - Holmdel, NJ

07/15 - Hartford, CT

07/16 - Pittsburgh, PA

07/17 - Toronto, ON

07/18 - Cuyahoga Falls, OH

07/19 - Cincinnati, OH

07/20 - Detroit, MI

07/21 - Chicago, IL

07/22 - Minneapolis, MN

07/23 - Milwaukee, WI

07/24 - Indianapolis, IN

07/25 - Darien Center, NY

07/26 - Scranton, PA

07/27 - Mansfield, MA

07/28 - Wantagh, NY

07/29 - Columbia, MD

07/30 - Charlotte, NC

07/31 - Atlanta, GA

08/02 - Jacksonville, FL

08/03 - Orlando, FL

08/04 - Tampa, FL

08/05 - West Palm Beach, FL