As It Chapter Two creeps closer to release, speculation over what will and won’t be included is starting to ramp up from fans. While the first It reboot followed many of the storylines from the classic Stephen King novel, there were some notable changes that shook up the story and left longtime fans guessing. 

One of the most significant differences between the novel and the reboot is that the movies follow a linear story path. Chapter One sees the Losers’ Club only as kids, while the book jumps back and forth, meaning there’s still a lot of ground to cover with them now being adults. However, there’s still a bit of story left for the children. Hopefully, the new trailer that dropped today answers some of these questions, but we won't know for sure until September.

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We’ve rounded up some of the scenes from the novel that we’re hoping to see on screen and what we hope is left out of the second installment. 

Major spoiler warning ahead for anyone who hasn’t read the book. 
What we hope to see
1. The initial dinner meetup

If you’ve seen the original 1990 version of
It, you’ll remember how gruesome and shocking the dinner scene between the adult Losers’ Club is. After Mike calls the rest of the original group to let them know It has returned to Derry, they descend on the town and initially meet at a Chinese restaurant to catch up. The scene is filled with plenty of laughs and reunites the gang, but as their meal comes to an end, their fortune cookies manifest into otherworldly creatures which no one except the main crew can see. It’s a disturbing scene that lets viewers know Pennywise isn’t waiting around to terrorize the group, and no retelling of It would be complete without it.  

2. The murder of Adrian Mellon

We already know the first sighting of Pennywise from present day will start with a young gay man named Adrian Mellon being beaten by a group of homophobic teenagers, but his death is a brutally terrifying reintroduction to our favorite killer clown. While Mellon is pushed off a bridge by his assailants, his death actually comes from Pennywise dragging him away and eating him. This is the scene that causes Mike to round up all of his friends, but it’s also a deeply terrifying part to read as well.

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3. Pennywise’s monologue

Late in the novel, there’s a jarring switch in narration that King includes where Pennywise takes on the speaker role. It opens a lot of lore into not only the character itself but also the background of numerous King novels that are connected to It. Readers get an explanation of why It feeds on children, where the creature came from and a better understanding of how the story really began. While this scene isn’t crucial to include in the film, it would be amazing to see Bill Skarsgård deliver this monologue. The actor is equally as terrifying as Tim Curry’s Pennywise in the miniseries and would do a great job of shocking viewers while diving into the character’s origins. 

4. Maturin the turtle

Without the help of our giant ancient turtle friend Maturin, the Losers’ Club wouldn’t have been able to stop It when they were kids. There’s already been some foreshadowing of Maturin during the first movie with references to turtles in Georgie’s room, but the ancient god’s role in the second chapter is unavoidable. Maturin is an old creature who rarely comes out of his shell, with the one notable time being when he had a stomach ache and vomited out the universe. In the process, he accidentally created It, but rather than do something, he merely acts as a bystander until Bill needs help completing the Ritual of Chüd. The wise turtle’s appearance doesn’t need to be long, but having Bill complete the ritual on his own doesn’t really make sense.

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5. Pennywise’s true form

Pennywise can take on whatever your darkest fear is, but the true nature of It is a spider-like creature that’s beyond terrifying to picture. The 1990 adaptation admittedly did a horrible job of this, whereas in the book, it’s one of the scariest parts. The entire time Curry is scaring the living hell out of viewers, they’re expecting a big ending. Instead, they’re met with a cheesy spider that moves slow, is easily defeated and draws laughter instead of terror. Luckily, we have better technology today, and It has a bigger budget this time around. Taking the spider form of It away from the story disservices King’s legacy, and if director Andy Muschietti pulls off something truly spectacular with the final showdown, it could completely redeem the awful way the miniseries finished. 

6. Eddie’s death

It wouldn’t be a good King book without some main characters dying, now would it? The opening scene of the 2017 film had viewers shocked with the amount of gore shown from Georgie getting his arm ripped off by Pennywise, but the dancing clown still has more damage to do. During the final showdown, Eddie comes to Bill and Richie’s rescue when they’re losing during the Ritual of Chüd by spraying his aspirator into the creature’s eyes and mouth. It’s a daring move for the smallest of the Losers’ Club that solidifies his bravery, but sadly results in getting his arm bit clean off and bleeding to death. There needs to be at least a few main character deaths to truly show It as an unstoppable force in this return to Derry, but it would be nice if his body wasn’t left in the sewers this time around.  

What we hope is left out
7. That scene

Let’s just get this one out of the way. If you’ve read the book, you know that scene when the kids are finding their way out of the sewers after their battle with Pennywise. It’s unnecessary, disturbing and has no part being retold, especially in It Chapter Two (and apparently director Muschietti agrees). Plus, the filmmakers already covered the  key bits of that section of the story in the 2017 film by having them cut their hands together anyway, so revisiting their bonding is completely unneeded at this point. 

8. How Ritual of Chüd is performed

The Ritual of Chüd is an important part of the story as it’s the only way to defeat It, but the actual process of doing the ritual is extremely awkward. It involves facing off in a battle of wits where the challenger sticks out their tongue, signifying the evil creature on the other end to stick their tongue on top. Then, they both bite down on each other’s tongues and tell jokes back and forth. The first one to laugh is banished to another world for the rest of time. No, this isn’t a joke (unless you want to bite tongues with us). Obviously, it’s going to be pretty ridiculous to include a scene with Bill biting tongues with Pennywise and cracking jokes. The ritual is valuable to the story, but if the writers change up how it’s performed, we’re not going to complain. 

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9. Henry Bowers nearly beating Mike to death

This scene actually works really well in the book. Henry Bowers is being controlled by Pennywise and beats Mike until he’s sent to the hospital, which breaks their group up more and weakens them for the final battle. Overall, it adds more of a challenge for the main characters to win and creates extra tension. In the 2017 movie, though, Mike is a different character who doesn’t get used nearly as much as he does in the book. It would be nice to see Mike make it to the final battle and be a part of that, so if it’s absolutely necessary to have Bowers separate a character from the pack near the end, pick someone else and redeem Mike a little. 

10. Stan shouldn’t die right away

Readers know early on that Stan doesn’t even make it to Derry as an adult. After Mike calls everyone to inform them of It’s return, Pennywise terrorizes Stan The Man into killing himself, creating a weakened Losers’ Club before they even reach each other. Here’s the problem with that. Stan’s biggest moment in the book was cutting everyone’s hands with the Coke bottle to unify them after defeating Pennywise as kids. That scene was already covered in the 2017 movie, but they gave away his big moment to Bill for whatever reason. Stan hardly stands out in the movie, and his suicide wouldn’t mean much to viewers who have no context of the other versions of the story. Killing Stan is fine overall, but give him some time to connect with viewers more. 

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11. Pennywise’s original encounters with the adult Losers’ Club

When the gang meets back up in Derry, they split off from each other after the Chinese restaurant hangout to see if Pennywise will visit them. Inevitably, each person has their own experience being terrorized by Pennywise. We already know Beverly is getting a similar experience to her reintroduction from the novel, but the other characters’ stories are still a mystery. Given the different times the new movies are using as opposed to the books and the changes in creatures Pennywise turns into, there’s a lot of room to make something new. Keeping their encounters similar would be fine, but the writers could definitely have something different up their sleeves that would surprise fans. 

12. Don’t give Pennywise a new origin story

There’s been some speculation that the origins of Pennywise could be changed for the film to make him human. In the books, It is an alien creature from the Macroverse accidentally created by Maturin. While there’s already been many changes from the book to the film, this one would be such a huge change, they would essentially be creating a new story. King stories are best left intact when adapted to screens, and the minor changes made so far have been fun, but this would be difficult to fit without coming across like fan fiction. 

Which scenes from the book do you hope to see included in It Chapter Two? Let us know in the comments below. 

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