While we know that  IT: Chapter Two will have “detours and departures” from Stephen King’s original novel, it won’t completely disregard the book.

Now, we know the film will contain a controversial hate scene where a young gay man is the victim of a homophobic attack. 

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While the 1990 miniseries about the story omitted the scene, the new film will keep it in. In the scene, Adrian Mellon is beaten by a group of teens. He is then thrown from a bridge into some water where Pennywise kills him. 

Director Andy Muschietti told Entertainment Weekly about why he chose to include the scene while the miniseries kept it out. 

“It was television and they didn’t have the possibility of making a Rated-R (movie) or anything,” he said. “But, in my vision of the movie, Adrian Mellon was always there. The impact of that event in my mind was always very deep. For me, there wasn’t a choice for that.” 

King and Muschietti based what happens to the character, played by Xavier Dolan, on real-life events that occurred to Charlie Howard. Howard was assaulted and murdered in the ‘80s for being gay by a group of young people yelling homophobic slurs. The group threw him over a bridge and he died because he couldn’t swim. 

“It’s one of the things that really caused a deep impact on Stephen King when he was writing It. So, he decided to include it,” Muschietti said of the event. “Of course, the names are changed, but the beating happened almost exactly like it’s described in the book, and Charlie died in three feet of water in the canal.”

While Muschietti kept the scene mostly true to the novel, he did make a nod to Howard and changed the character a bit. 

“(Howard) was asthmatic, so that made things really worse,” Muschietti said. “The thing I’m adding in the scene is that Adrian is asthmatic, as well. For me, it was always an essential part of the story.” 

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Last week, the film dropped a new teaser for the film with a whole lot of bloody and Pennywise

“But sometimes, what we try to leave in the past won’t stay there,” the voice says in the teaser, obviously referring to Pennywise tormenting the Losers’ Club more than two-decades after the first film. 

We’ve known for awhile that the film is going to be gory. It apparently has a scene that contains the “most blood that’s been in a horror scene.” We know it probably involves Jessica Chastain since she was the one who teased it, so it seems like this teaser might give us another glimpse at that. 

It: Chapter Two hits theaters on September 6. Check out the new teaser below as well as the final full-length trailer. 

More IT: Chapter Two news

IT: Chapter Two is gearing up to hit theaters, but critics that already saw the film have some mixed reactions. 

The first film was a huge success, becoming the highest-grossing horror movie of all time. Therefore, people have big expectations for the sequel. 

Now, critics who have already seen the movie are officially allowed to tweet about it and boy have they. There were quite a lot of mixed reactions, with some people loving the film while others were calling it a “disappointment”. See what they had to say below. 

What do you think of the filmmakers choosing to include this scene from the book? Sound off in the comments down below!

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