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It looks like Green Day and blink-182 almost did a Pop Disaster 2 Tour

For those of you holding out for a Pop Disaster 2 Tour with blink-182 and Green Day, we have some not so great news for you.

As it turns out, a second part of the iconic tour almost happened a few years ago. However, Mark Hoppus just revealed why the plans never worked out.

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The Pop Disaster Tour is one of the most iconic tours in punk rock history. In fact, it was so iconic that both Green Day and blink-182 periodically get asked if they would ever bring the tour back for another run.

This week, Hoppus dropped the major bombshell during a recent Twitch stream that there was actually a Pop Disaster 2 Tour in the works. However, much to the disappointment of fans, Green Day apparently didn’t want to take part.

“I’ll blow all your minds rn,” Hoppus said. “We asked Green Day to do Pop Disaster 2 and they said no. We asked them maybe two years ago?”

Mark Hoppus from blink-182 said this on twitch. Makes me really sad, would love to see it. from r/greenday

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Along with sharing this heartbreaking news, Hoppus also offered an update on the status of blink-182’s next album. So far, we’ve been given a few details about the upcoming release.

Prior to the debut of “Quarantine” in August, Travis Barker revealed that blink-182 are working on a new EP. They planned to put out the new release by the end of this summer. However, as the year continued on, it became clear that these plans have changed.

Then, last month, Matt Skiba shared that he is working on new material for the release. As well, he revealed that the upcoming music heavily reminds him of material from Enema Of The State and Take Off Your Pants and Jacket.

Now, Hoppus has offered an update on when fans can expect to hear the new songs. During his recent Twitch stream, he said that the EP will be released “late this year/early 2021.” As well, it’s possible that the EP could turn into a full-length album as the band continue to work on it over the next few weeks.

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“The EP is now being discussed as ‘late this year/early 2021’ maybe it just becomes an album.”


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Along with putting out their new EP/album, it’s possible blink-182 may release their collab with Juice WRLD in the future. Barker confirmed the collaboration back in August, but the highly-anticipated track has still not been released.

“There’s a Blink/Juice collaboration that hasn’t come out yet but it’s about to. I think it’ll come out on a Blink project,” Barker said. ”We just got in and did that song together. It didn’t make the last album, but I think it’s going to live on in a couple of other places. It’s amazing. I’m just thankful that there’s more Juice music coming out.”

What are your thoughts on a Pop Disaster 2 Tour almost happening? What do you think blink-182’s next release will sound like? Let us know in the comments below.