If you've been a fan of Rammstein for a while, then you're probably already aware of their interesting choices for merchandise.

Well, it now looks like Till Lindemann is dabbling in sex toys merchandise once again. The frontman recently launched his own erotic website Doctor Dick that is full of, well, titillating items.

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The sex toys industry has managed to infiltrate the music merch market over the years. A few years ago, Rammstein launched their very own line of pink dildos that were modeled after their own. They, of course, weren't the first band to ever dabble in sex toys merch.

Ghost are another band that have made sex toys available for fans. For only $200, Ghost fans got their hands on a sex toy set that included a butt plug and a Papa Emeritus II-shaped dildo among other erotic items.

Back in 2018, Marilyn Manson also released a sex toy with his face on it. As well, Machine Gun Kelly dropped a "Lil' Devil" vibrator earlier this year.

Now, it looks like Till Lindemann is giving Rammstein fans plenty of access to even more sex toys. The frontman recently launched his own erotic website Doctor Dick. Among the various sex toys available is the "Tilldo," a vibrator modeled after the frontman's iconic stage microphone stand.

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According to the vibrator's description, the "Tilldo" is completely handmade and is for "vaginal perfection and anal correspondence." Lindemann's website also includes a bottled alcoholic beverage questionably named Golden Shower. According to the description, the 11 percent ABV concoction is a "flavored sparkling drink with gold leaf."

Rammstein fans can also purchase various Doctor Dick shirts, baseball hats, bags and even socks. As well, there are Doctor Dick condoms and some NSFW art pieces made and signed by Lindemann himself.

Lindemann's latest line of merchandise shouldn't be that shocking to Rammstein fans. The German heavy metal band notoriously have songs called "Pussy" and "Sex." As well Lindemann has an array of music videos that could be misinterpreted as adult films.

To see all of Till Lindemann's latest items for sale, head here.

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