After much speculation about the future of Jared Leto in the DC Universe, it looks like he is reprising his role as Joker once again.

Leto is reportedly set to appear as the villainous character in Zack Snyder's Justice League for HBO Max.

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Since Suicide Squad's release in 2016, Leto has been at the center of controversy over his portrayal of Joker. After Suicide Squad was recut post-filming, many of Leto’s scenes were removed from the movie. This led to speculation that film executives were not impressed by Leto’s performance. Despite the scrutiny, Leto stated that he would love to reprise the role.

Following this, a Joker spinoff film starring Leto was rumored to be in the works in 2018. However, the film never got off the ground. Soon after, Todd Phillips‘ dark adaptation of Joker’s story starring Joaquin Phoenix was released. This led to a number of reports stating that Leto felt “alienated and upset” about Phillips’ film and felt he had been strung along by Warner Brothers Studios in regards to his role as Joker.

Then, back in April, David Ayer revealed that the removal of Leto’s scenes had nothing to do with his performance. In fact, much of his “magnificent work” still remains unseen. Shortly after his comments, Ayer released an alternative Joker ending in Suicide Squad that the internet had a lot of thoughts about.

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After Leto failed to appear in the Harley Quinn film Birds Of Prey earlier this year, maybe believed that Leto's Joker is done for good. However, it looks like that is not the case. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Leto is set to reprise his role as Joker for the "Snyder Cut" of Justice League.

Leto has reportedly signed on for various reshoots for the upcoming four-part episode series that will air on HBO Max next year. Shooting for the project is currently underway and actors including Ben Affleck, Ray Fisher and Amber Heard are involved.

No additional information about Joker's storyline has been revealed. However, given that Leto didn't appear in the original 2017 Justice League, fans are wondering how many recuts and changes Snyder is making to the original film.

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Snyder nearly completed work on Justice League in 2016, but he had to step away due to a family tragedy. Warner Bros. then brought in Joss Whedon to finish the project. Whedon took what Snyder had, did reshoots and editing and ended up releasing a film that many found underwhelming. Fans began calling for the "Snyder Cut" and after three years, the project was officially announced on May 20, 2020.

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