It Chapter Two hasn't even been released yet and is already terrifying some to the point of wanting intervention.

Parents in Brisbane, Australia filed complaints about the blockbuster horrors' ad campaign throughout the city.

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The ad campaign features billboards throughout the city showing the titular antagonist, Pennywise the Clown.

Concerned mother Jane Swan is certainly feeling the effects of the ads as she's filed a complaint with Ad Standards—the complaint resolution board in Australia.

"Some people do enjoy going to horror movies and that's fine and that's their choice, and I understand that but we're not choosing to see this poster," Swan told NineNews.

It's not just Swan that has an issue either. "I get really scared because it's hard to go to bed when you have a scary picture in your mind." Daughter Piper tells her concerned mother Kelly. "Before I go to bed, I have to check the whole room. And when I finally go to bed I will wake up after a nightmare."

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However, there isn't much Ad Standards can really do. "Ad Standards generally has no jurisdiction over the placement or timing of advertisements, except when considering the use of language or sex, sexuality or nudity in advertising," they told Swan.

We can definitely see the side of the parents with this one. The movie is rated MA15+ in Australia which means that no one under 15 can see it. But since the billboards don't feature
any graphic contentIt Chapter Two

The best-case scenario is for the parents to help their children deal with the fear and hope the ads come down soon.

What do you think about the ads? Whose side are you on? Let us know below.

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