It looks like bad news is on the horizon for Spotify free users

In an attempt to combat Apple Music, Spotify will soon be throttling the features showcased on their freemium platform, (via UPROXX). While nothing is set in stone as of yet, concepts of future limitations include allowing only a few tracks per album to non-subscribers, while paid users are granted full access. 

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“They want the free users to feel like they’re missing something, not just forced to listen to ads,” one source told Digital Music News. In other words, they are trying to coax those who use the service for free to become paying subscribers.

At the end of the day, this system change will either do exactly what Spotify hopes, or it will backfire and they'll begin to lose their demographic to either Apple Music or Tidal.

Do you use Spotify for free? When your features become throttled, will you pay for a subscription or relocate your business to another streaming service?