"It's definitely something I regret"—Jason Gleason speaks about departure from Further Seems Forever

In Further Seems Forever's decade-plus existence, they've gone through a handful of vocalists including Dashboard Confessional's Chris Carrabba. However, the Jason Gleason era is often unjustly looked over in the band's history. The band will reunite with Gleason for 2016's Self Help Fest, and Breathecast recently spoke with Gleason about his time in the band, his departure, and the reunion.

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Speaking about his departure from the band:

Gleason likens his time with Further Seems Forever as a marriage that came to an end. The business side of things brought upon most of the bad blood in the band, “It stopped being fun, and started being a business, and whatever emotions and conflicts that come along with that statement, it was my time to go. I think Jon Bunch stepped in and did a bang up job.”

He continued, “If I were to take the whole thing upon myself, I'd say I was a little young and maybe a little quick to jump the gun on things. It's definitely something I regret in terms of how the whole thing went down.”

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