In the most meta moment of all time, Jack White and Jack Black, arguably, two of the most famous Jacks, have finally crossed paths.

It isn’t the first time they met. They both were are the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards and once Black introduced The White Stripes during a show.

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Despite those meetings, there’s never been a photo of the two together. Well, until now.

White is on tour with The Raconteurs and Black with Tenacious D, both in Europe. The two crossed paths at some point and documented the moment.

Tenacious D posted a photo saying “We hired a new merch guy” and it was pretty historic.


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We hired a new merch guy

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 We would probably buy merch with this photo on it alone.

Other news

For White, he’s celebrating receiving an honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters.

White received the degree from Wayne State University for his philanthropic work to revive Detroit. The guitarist helped restore a major park, saved a Masonic temple from foreclosure and brought attention back to his hometown.

White attended film courses at Wayne State in 1995 before dropping out and pursuing his music career. White was joking at the ceremony about being a busboy in the building, saying “it’s nice to be back here for a different reason.”

“I had an epiphany that has stayed with me to this day. That not all of art and creation was by happy accident,” White continued. “That much of it was done with purpose and it was not only okay to do this, but the fulfillment of creativity to be able to convey ideas and metaphors at every possible moment.”

Take a look at some of the photos and videos from the graduation ceremony below.

And for Black, he’s has always been a pure joy, but his performance on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon earlier this year has sparked a resurgence of fans.

Back in September, Black’s appearance involved him playing a toy saxophone. However, the performance was superbly well done. In the process, Black warmed the souls of a million cold-hearted folks.

Despite the performance occurring months ago, the internet has recently remembered Black’s skill. Additionally, Black is known for bringing out the Sax-A-Boom at Tenacious D shows. Check out the legendary Tonight Show performance below.

Additionally, people are also recognizing Black for his love for video games. Recently, Black launched his own gaming YouTube channel called Jablinski Games. Much to nobody’s surprise, Black’s channel reached 1 million subscribers before he even uploaded his second video.

How excited are you about this meeting? Sound off in the comments below!

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