Jack White has given a lot to the world, founding the White Stripes, the Raconteurs, the Dead Weather and his record label Third Man Records. Now, the world is giving something back to him as he receives an honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters.

White received the degree from Wayne State University for his philanthropic work to revive Detroit. The guitarist helped restore a major park, saved a Masonic temple from foreclosure and brought attention back to his hometown.

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White attended film courses at Wayne State in 1995 before dropping out and pursuing his music career. White was joking at the ceremony about being a busboy in the building, saying “it’s nice to be back here for a different reason.”

“I had an epiphany that has stayed with me to this day. That not all of art and creation was by happy accident,” White continued. “That much of it was done with purpose and it was not only okay to do this, but the fulfillment of creativity to be able to convey ideas and metaphors at every possible moment.”

The guitarist also recently donated $30,000 to help restore the house from The Outsiders. He's also revived the Raconteurs after eight years of silence for a new record due out this summer.

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