[Photo by: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/Youtube]

On an interesting, and more than slightly morbid note, Jack White joined Stephen Colbert in sharing the full versions of America's most popular jingles.

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The songs were created for the 'Jingle More of the Way' bit performed during a recent episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

According to Colbert, since commercials are so short, viewers only get to hear the first line of the 'real jingle.'

The themes of the Band-Aid, Folgers and Toys 'R Us commericials are extended and White goes a bit...over the top—in a hilarious way of course.

Check out the jingles below:

White also performed during Colbert's show, playing single "Ice Station Zebra" from his first solo album in four years, Boarding House Reach.

Watch White's performance below:

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