Jake Hays "TATTOO"
[Photo by @antosha_photo]

Jake Hays premieres new music video for breakup anthem “TATTOO”—watch

Singer, songwriter, music producer, director and actor Jake Hays is no stranger to the realm of emotionally driven music. His latest single “TATTOO” continues the pattern, focusing on the difficult stages that follow a breakup.

AltPress is bringing you the premiere of the new music video. Written, performed and produced by Hays, “TATTOO” is the musician’s second single of 2021. A catchy chorus paired with driving guitar riffs, the artist ultimately creates a breakup anthem that can be unapologetically sung at the top of your lungs.

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The Southern California native pursued his growing interest in music when he was just 13 and moved into touring at 19. Hays inflects the instrumentation and velvety vocals of his work with his instinctive talents. “TATTOO” is no exception.

The lyrics describe the all-too-relatable post-breakup angst that often drives us to make impulsive decisions. At the same time, however, it also highlights the growth that’s experienced at the end of the various emotional stages.

Hays gives his own insight into the concept behind the song, explaining, “How many of us have witnessed someone in a post-breakup stage being like, ‘Ugh, I’m so over it’? Then, they do impulsive stuff that is clearly because they aren’t really over it.

“This song is really about those stages of post-breakup grief, where you go from being a total mess to being like, ‘Well, obviously it’s bad for you too’ to finishing with ‘Ugh, thank God that’s over. Stay away from me,’” he continues. “We’ve all experienced that in one way or another, and I felt like that tale of breakdown to growth would be a fun topic to write about.”

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The video that accompanies “TATTOO” is a hypnotizing black-and-white visual, filmed and edited by Hays, himself. It features the multi-instrumentalist completely in his element, playing guitar and drums and giving a passionate performance of the track.

At its core, “TATTOO” is an excellent example of Hays’ wide range of capabilities as a musician. This track cements his rising presence in the industry, proving that Hays will only continue to excel from here.

Watch the video for “TATTOO” and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.