Halloween scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis has been a beloved part of the series since its theatrical debut back in the fall of 1978.

While she hasn't been in every variation and sequel the film has seen in its lengthy time in the spotlight, that doesn't mean she has some pretty strong opinions of the series' itself. And today, she's revealed her biggest regret of the franchise.

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Curtis is coming off the recent success of the newest Halloween movie, and with the release being a recent thing of the past, she's been able to reflect on her time with the shape.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Curtis shared one of her biggest regrets with the franchise had something to do with another milestone film in the series, Halloween: H20, or Halloween: 20 Years Later.

Recalling the film, she shared that when the anniversary was looming near, she contacted the film's original director, John Carpenter and its late producer Debra Hill, about doing an anniversary to celebrate the fact they're still "doing the job."

While the idea was good, it didn't pan out exactly how Curtis envisioned.

With varying circumstances getting in the way of the trio getting together to pen a script and get the film back in the hands of the original players from the 1978 film, Curtis shared that she regretted not being more specific on how she wanted the production to go, saying:

…to this day, I regret that I didn’t say to everyone, If Debra Hill’s not the one producing this movie, I’m not doing it. But what ended up happening was, she wasn’t part of it, John [Carpenter] wasn’t part of it, and I was still part of it, and it was a machine going down the road.

I was excited about it, and, honestly, I was going to be paid well. I hadn’t made any money on the Halloween franchise at all. I mean, really, in all of those years I hadn’t really made any money. It just gave me a lot of fame. And now I was going to get a paycheck.

While she may not have gotten her wish to work with the original masterminds behind it all during H20, she did get her chance of working with '78 members during the making of the latest Halloween.

“The Shape” finally made his long-awaited return to the big screen, and besides the nightmares that he’s brought, he also brought scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis, the shape himself Nick Castle, and the mastermind behind it all, John Carpenter with him.

Castle reprised his role as Myers along with newcomer James Jude Courtney who was recruited to give the shape quick, cat-like movements.

The sequel follows a crew of filmmakers as they investigate the events of Halloween 1978. They enter the prison where Michael Myers is being held and taunt him with the famous mask. Myers escapes and seeks revenge on Strode.

Of course, the films have had a long history and with this film, it appears that fans will have to forget everything that happened in the franchise’s previous plot lines, including those of Rob Zombie‘s 2007 and 2009 remakes.

Halloween is currently in theaters.